Jam packed with educational webinars, this website is designed to help Apparel, Footwear, Retail and Manufacturing organizations learn everything about PLM and PLM best practices.

PLM Bootcamp Target Audience

IT, Product Development, Design, Merchandising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Material Development, Color Teams, Quality Assurance Teams, Technical Design and Fit Teams, and C- level executives such as CEO, COO, CFO and CIO’s that work in Retail and Manufacturing. Verticals we address include: Consumer Products, Apparel, Footwear, Textile, Toys, Packaging, Equipment, Uniforms and Sporting Goods. Academics are welcome as well as Students of Fashion, Merchandising and Textiles.

PLM Bootcamp is a Virtual Event

No more walking down halls all day, checking into hotels, airfare and feeling like each event is an assault on your senses budget and schedule. Imagine having the ability to be there, when you want to, how you want to and learn what you want to at your own pace.

Consumer Products organizations are seeking thought leadership in PLM. Our goal is to bring quality PLM content to your desk. Our format leverages the best educational format – the Virtual Conference. The launch of the Bootcamp will kick start our PLM educational-based virtual events which will take place perpetually.